Journées SGF sur les forages IODP-ICDP

The IODP-France office with the help of the EMA office was pleased to co-organize French Geological Society Scientific Days the last 16-17th October. This major event for the IODP-ICDP France community took place in the prestigious amphitheater of the Museum of Natural History in Paris. It was the first opportunity for both IODP-France and ICDP-France communities to exchange on their sciences and to share their most recent results. The high scientific quality of the presentations was deeply appreciated. Among others, six keynote speakers from UK, Austria, Canada and France have literally captivated the audience: Katryn Goodenough (British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, UK) discussed the needs of Georesources in the perspective of a low carbon future, Pierre Francus (INRS, Qc, Canada) exposed the challenges of ICDP drillings related to Climate Changes Researches, Christopher MacLeod (Cardiff University, UK) presented the recent results on Dynamic Planetary theme and the seafloor spreading, Ludovic Ferrière (Natural Museum History, Vienne, Austria) exposed the advances on meteorite impacts craters, especially the Chicxulub latest results, Marianne Conin (GéoRessources, Nancy France) summarized the last ten years of advances from NanTroSEIZE’s IODP expeditions devoted to Geohazards, Olivier Rouxel (Ifremer, Brest, France) presented the latest achievements in Deep Life’s theme, and Mathieu Schuster (IPGS, Strasbourg, France) presented the CHADRILL ICDP’s Project on the paleoenvironmental context of hominid’s evolution. All the IODP/ICDP themes were indeed addressed and contributed to the high diversity of scientific and geographic targets and to the real multidisciplinary of this meeting. Young researchers, including those who did benefit from the IODP-France post-doc funding, contributed also to the success of these scientific days.

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Journées SGF 16-17 oct 2019 à Paris : Les Forages Scientifiques IODP/ICDP

Outils majeurs au service des Géosciences Chères et chers collègues, Les programmes internationaux de forage en mer (IODP) et à terre (ICDP) ont conduit à des avancées majeures dans notre compréhension de la dynamique et de l’histoire de notre planète. Ils continuent d’alimenter la communauté scientifique en échantillons et données qui seraient inaccessibles sans eux. […]


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INSCRIPTION PROCEED – Imaginez le futur Programme IODP (2023-2033)

Nous appelons toute la communauté des forages océaniques à se mobiliser et à venir exprimer ses attentes pour construire le Futur Programme IODP (2023-2033). Thématiques IODP : Changements Climatiques, Risques Naturels, Dynamique Interne, Biosphère Profonde. Devenez acteurs du Programme IODP !         1/ ECORD, dont la FRANCE : VENEZ PARTICIPER à une […]


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Appel à candidature Expéditions 387-388

Expédition 387 – Amazon Margin (26 avril-26 juin 2020 à bord du JOIDES Resolution). Infos. Application. Date limite 1er mars 2019 Expédition 388 – Equatorial Atlantic Gateway (26 juin-26 août 2020 à bord du JOIDES Resolution). Infos. Application. Date limite 1er avril 2019