Month: June 2024


Data report: Cenozoic and Upper Cretaceous bulk carbonate stable carbon and oxygen isotopes from IODP Expedition 369 Sites U1513, U1514, and U1516 in the southeast Indian Ocean1

Hobbs, R.W., Huber, B.T., Bogus, K.A., and the Expedition 369 ScientistsProceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program Volume Kirsty M. Edgar,2 Kenneth G. MacLeod,3 Taka Hasegawa,4 Emma M. Hanson,2 Ian Boomer,2 and Nicola Kirby2 1 Edgar, K.M., MacLeod, K.G., Hasegawa, T., Hanson, E.M., Boomer, I., and Kirby, N., 2022. Data report: Cenozoic and Upper Cretaceous…


International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 390/393 Scientific Prospectus Addendum

South Atlantic Transect A multidisciplinary IODP investigation along a crustal flow line across the western flank of the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge1 Rosalind M. Coggon Co-Chief Scientist Expedition 390 School of Ocean and Earth Science University of Southampton United Kingdom Jason…


Deep Sea Drilling Project

About the Deep Sea Drilling Project The Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) was the first of three international scientific ocean drilling programs that have operated over more than 40 years. History It was on June 24, 1966, that the Prime…