Acronymes et Liens


Petit lexique des acronymes couramment utilisés dans le programme IODP :

ACEX : Artic Coring EXpedition
ANZIC : Australian-New Zealand IODP Consortium
APLACON – Alternative Platform Conference (Lisbon, may 01)
BCOM – Budget Committee (ODP)
BGS : British Geological Survey
BoG – Board of Governors
CAPES : Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Coordination for Improvement of Higher Education Personnel)
CDC – Conceptual Design Committee (new US vessel)
CDEX – Center for Deep Earth Exploration (Japan)
CDP – Complex Drilling Project
CIB – Chikyu IODP Board
CMO – Central Management Office
DPG – Detailed Planning Group
DS3F : Deep Sea & Sub-Seafloor Frontier
ECORD – European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling
EDP – Engineering Development Panel
EMA – ECORD Managing Agency
EPC : European Petrophysics Consortium
EPSP – Environmental Prevention & Safety Panel
ERA-Net : European Research Area Networks
ESF : European Science Foundation
ESO – ECORD Science Operator
ESSAC – ECORD Science Support and Advisory Committee
E-FB – ECORD Facility BoardE-ILP – ECORD Industry Liaison PanelGCR : Gulf Coast repository
ICDP – International Continental Drilling Program
IPOD : International Program for Ocean Drilling
IO – Implementing organisation
IODP – Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
IODP-MI (ou IMI) – IODP Management International, Inc.
IIS-PPG – Industry-IODP Science Program Planning Group
ISP – Initial Science Plan for the IODP
IWG – International Working Group
IWGSO – International Working Group Support Office
JAMSTEC – Japan Marine Science & Technology Center
J-DESC – Japanese Earth Drilling Science Consortium
JEODI – Joint European Ocean Drilling Initiative
JOI – Joint Oceanographic Institutions (ODP)
JOIDES – Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (ODP)
JR – JOIDES Resolution
JRFB – JOIDES Resolution Facility Board
KCC : Kochi Core Center
KIGAM : Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (Interim Asian Consortium)
MEXT – Ministry of Education, culture, Sports, Science & Technology (Japan)
MOST :  People’s Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology
MoES : Ministry of Earth Science, India
MOU – Memorandum Of Understanding
MSP – Mission Specific Platform
NanTroSEIZE – Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment
NSF : U.S. National Science Foundation
OD21 – Ocean Drilling in the 21st Century (Japan)
ODP – Ocean Drilling Program
OPCOM – Operations Committee
OTF : Operations Task Force
PANCH – meeting Panel Chair meeting
PEP : Proposal Evaluation Panel
POCs – Platform Operations Costs
PPG – Program Planning Group
PRL – Proponent Response Letter
PROMESS – PROfiles accross Mediterranean Sedimentary Systems
PSG – Project Scoping Group
PSI – Principles of Scientific investigation
RRD-DPG : Detailed Planning Group on Rapid Response Drilling following the Tohoku Earthquake
SAS – Science Advisory StructureSASEC : Science Advisory Structure Executive Committee
SCP : Site Characterization Panel
SIPCOM : Science Implementation and Policy Committee
SOCs – Science Operations Costs
SSEP – Science Steering & Evaluation Panel
SEP – Science Evaluation Panel
SPPOC – Science Policy Planing and Oversight Committee
SPC – Science Planning Committee
SSP – Site Survey Panel
STP – Scientific Technology Panel
ToR – Terms of Reference
USIO – United States Implementing Organization
USSAC – US Science Advisory Committee
USSSP – United States Science Support Program
WHOI : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Pour plus d’acronymes voir le dictionnaire ODP/IODP

Liens utiles

Liens vers d’autres sites en rapport avec IODP :

CDEX  – Center for Deep Earth Exploration
Climate Care – Compensez vos emmissions de CO2 !
DSDP : Deep Sea Drilling Program
Ocean Leadearship – Consortium for Ocean Leadership (US)
ECORD – European Consortium for Ocean REsearch Drilling
EEA – European Environment Agency
ESSAC – ECORD Science Support and Advisory Committee
ESF – European Science Foundation
EurOcean – European Center for Information on Marine Science and Technology

FOF Flotte océanographique française
ICDP – International Continental Drilling Program
InterRidge – An initiative for international cooperation in ridge-crest studies
IODP – International Ocean Discovery program
JAMSTEC – Japan Marine Science and Technology Center
JR – JOIDES Resolution
LDEO/BRG – lamont-Doherty Earht Observatory, Borehole Res. Group (ODP/IODP Logging Services)
MEXT – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
MoMAR – Monitoring the Mid Atlantic Ridge
NEPTUNE Concept – A Regional Cabled Ocean Observatory in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
NSF – National Science Foundation, Dicvision of Ocean Sciences (US)
ODP – Ocean Drilling Program
ODSN – Ocean Drilling Stratigraphic Network
PROMESS – PROfiles across MEditerranean Sedimentary Systems
TAMU – Texas A&M University (ODP Sience Operator, IODP Non-Riser Vessel Science Operator)
USIO/TAMU – US Implementing Organisation (Joi Alliance), Texas A&M University
USSSP – United States Science Support Program

World Ocean Network