MagellanPlus workshop – Navigating the IODP proposal system

A three-day workshop for PhD and early career researchers

24-26 September 2018
National Oceanography Centre Southampton

The MagellanPlus workshop entitled “Navigating the IODP Proposal System” taking place in Southampton on 24-26th September. 
More details: here  
new deadline to apply : 4th September
This is a very important meeting as we begin the efforts to renew the program post-2023. We need to do our utmost to encourage early career scientists to engage with the program and get involved with proposal writing. This meeting is designed to demystify the proposal writing and review process for the next generation !
2018 marks 50 years since Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Leg 1 sailed from Orange, Texas to Hoboken, New Jersey and drilled seven sites in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean – and started 50 years of international co-operation in scientific ocean drilling – arguably, the most successful, enduring multinational science collaboration. To celebrate this anniversary and to equip the next generation of European scientific ocean drilling leaders, we are holding a three-day workshop to introduce early career and PhD researchers to the opportunities, capabilities and processes of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), and the ways to get involved.
Scientific ocean drilling offers scientists unique access to drillships and bespoke platforms, each with unmatched scientific capabilities. Participation in ocean drilling is a career-building opportunity, with the scientific immersion integral to IODP expeditions leading to enduring long-term research relationships. However, the system can appear complex and distant. Through mentoring and team preparation of drilling proposals, this workshop will dispel the mysteries of ocean drilling and introduce early career researchers to the opportunities to participate.


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